One of the “Mild MindFuck” series hypnotic mp3s is designed to install compulsive behavior in a hypno subject. It is 15 minutes of brainwashing into having the need to speak to the Goddess the hypnoslave serves or intends on offering his servitude.

A brainwashing recording simply installs parts bits and pieces of compulsion to be more in touch with your side of submissive state, the need to speak to the Goddess and explains you why and how this is gonna happen. The best part of it, in the moment of weakness you may not even notice how that happened as you will like to erase and forget.

There is no particular induction or deepener, treat it as a brainwash file.

MP3 Length: 15  Minutes

File Size: 13.7 MB

Mild Mind Fuck Vol 1

Mild Mind Fuck Vol 1

Price : $22.00