In the darkest corner of your subconscious mind, there is a fantasy, a very, very dark fantasy…

You may not consciously think about it, but it’s there. You may even find yourself hypnotically trapped in the spiral of degradation, humiliation and sexual arousal from the deep sense of fear, shame and submission. The mp3 is deep and intense.  Hypno porn noir femdom style.

In this femdom hypnosis forced bi fantasy mp3 that you may purchase for instant download, you may find yourself as a sissy hypno slave, trapped in a locker room, caught doing something you were not supposed to, being such a wimpy boy. It may seem very dark, but there is light. Bright. Shining. Light. Blinding your face. You have no idea who, but the sense of ambiguity is not going to define your actions, maybe a male, maybe a female, or a shemale, having the total power over you when you feel gagging reflex choking down on a hard cock, and you sure get an idea what to do…

Feel your knees hit the hard cold floor and feel the slap of a large hard palm against your cheek, so your jaw may drop open…you really have no choice, but forced to obey and you have no control over your body but feel extremely horny and sexually aroused when you find yourself in the dark, dark corner of a boys locker room.

Do not be surprised if you end up compulsively masturbating on your knees facing the wall with your mouth wide open.


MP3 Length: 22:42 minutes

File Size: 20.7MB


Price : $28.99