This Femdom hypnosis video was originally a custom video I made for someone. As I watched it over, I decided to release it to the general public,sans a few edits that were bit too personal.

This is probably one of My best erotic hypnosis pieces and definitely one of My favorite ones. Very simple, quite nilla, all I can say, you’ll have an insatiable urge to masturbate when you hear My voice, see My image, when you think of Me, instilling myself into you.

Just relax and listen, and let yourself slowly drift away into my voice. There is no mp3 available for this recording. This will become one of the most addictive hypnodomme clips you have watched, bringing you back to my fetish hypno store more and more.

Video is the slow motion footage, edited.

Fetishes: Love and Addiction Hypnosis, Masturbation Hypnosis, Femdom Hypnosis WMV 23 mins


Addiction-Arousal- VIDEO

Addiction-Arousal- VIDEO

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