The recording uses a strong visualization scene of driving late at night on an empty highway. Part induction/part seduction, complete relaxation.


Product Description

Go on a fantasy trip. Slide into a mental journey that has been carefully constructed for you by an erotic femdom goddess. It will  take you deep down into a trance fetish.

It is mainly a trance session. There is barely any reference to femdom at all… but it’s dark.. and methodical.

It is your chance to let go and let someone else guide you, to  take over your mind, to paint a mental picture.

It’s a subtle mindfuck for someone who doesn’t want submission to be drummed down under erotic trances, but simply wants to let go, meanwhile avoiding the new agey crap elements and the “you’re getting sleepy now” inductions.

Quiet, dark, and the world has slowed down…as the background music is quietly humming in the background, you focus on the road. As you drive… into the state of forgetfulness, as you drive, into hypnotic escape, into the altered state of consciousness, into the state of trance, entering into the light state of amnesia.

You forget, how long you have been driving for, which exit you have passed and if the music has been playing or not. You may have no recollection at all of changing the station. As you drive… you let go of your conscious control of your mind and turn it on the cruise control. You don’t have to think.  Sit back, hold on the wheel tight and drive. Further, down, into darkness.

The mp3 has Dubstep beats and layers of different tracks and voice. The mp3 is about 17 minutes long.  Can be listened along with other mild mindfuck series.

You don’t have to be into femdom at all to listen to this, just to be free and open minded and willing to explore your subconscious realms of your mind.


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