The Evil


Your mental chastity, your mental cage is waiting for you.. with a tight lock and the keys in my hands.


Product Description

This is one of the masturbation control hypnosis sessions and this one lives up to its name and actually quite ” Evil”.

Mental Chastity Control.

You may have experienced other effects of femdom  hypnosis before. This one is different. It takes the will and dedication of a slave to go through this.

You may attempt to resist but you know that the cage will only close down on you tighter. It will become more and uncomfortable if you try to battle the inevitable.  Your mind will not allow you to have an erection, it will prevent you from having an orgasm, as long as you are in the mental cage.  It will be painful if you don’t obey, as the metal bars tighten up around your skin.

Obey Lady Lana. Try to resist, Now. It’s closing down, tighter and tighter. No escape.

Make sure to purchase one of the induction files from the link below. Listening to this file without an induction will do absolutely nothing but let you listen to the cute femdom hypnotic fantasy about having your cock locked.  If you want to actually experience it, you have to make sure that you are able to go deep into the state of trance, where your subconscious mind is more suggestible and able to accept the commands and suggestions. It is up to you what you want to do, but by skipping the induction file will only be a disadvantage to you than anyone else.  Mental chastity is not easily achieved and takes a skill of the erotic hypnotist and the willingness of the hypno subject to accept those suggestions.

MP3 Length:19:40

File Size: 18 MB



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