Candy Cane


Foot fetish addiction erotic fixation session.


Product Description

Slide into your subconscious mind  into femdom erotic trance and go on a trip into your foot fetish fantasy where you may dream of beautiful female feet.

Find your happy place in that erotic feeling . Enjoy your kinks and fetishes… as you only go deeper and deeper… into the state of trance… into that obedient state…where you obey. Submerge into the foot fetish fantasy and adore and worship female feet.

“You may…be captivated by an idea …that you adore female feet…”

…that you like everything about them: smooth skin, delicate lines, the shape, small ridges and creases, the way the arch bends, lace texture of silky pleats, velvet soles, the sparkle of  shiny nail polish, smooth, creamy feet.

This foot fetish fantasy mp3 is definitely a lighter side of hypnotic dominance, very soft, very light and soothing. It takes you on a submissive journey into your foot fetish exploration. Everything that you may dream of in foot fetish, may just come so vividly in the mental picture painted by my words. The subtle descriptions of every little bit part of female feet may just come to life in your mind for the duration of this erotic session. You will live and dream of submission to female feet. Find yourself completely enslaved to the beauty of every little crease and to the soft skin…

Let yourself relax and drift away as you’re lulled into submission.

Feel your weakness grow with each and every single beat. Trance away, you are completely safe to relax and to enjoy the mental trip into the candy cane land of foot worship realm.

MP3 Length: 28:29

MP3 Size: 13.7 MB

Audio and Voice Editing and Layering




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