High End Toxicity


The beauty of the Goddess is just as toxic and addictive as nicotine. It is instant and unquestionable, raising an insatiable need to submit and to serve.


Product Description

This femdom erotic trance session explores the following submissive fantasies: smoking fetish, lipstick fetish, spitting, humiliation, human ashtray, submission, addiction and goddess worship. Sit back and relax as you slowly turn into a compliant slave to the seductive and powerful Goddess, a woman of immense power over your weak and fragile male psyche. Effortlessly you are made to follow and obey Her commands. You are drawn to Her. Closer. Closer.

Layered, abstract, painterly journey into erotic submission in the state of trance.

Very delicate, obscure, haze..

“Her bony thin yellow fingers, saturated with nicotine, so elegant movement from the thin wrist to the smooth fingertips,¬† your skin…

clawed by the red sharp predator nails”

“feel the heat of the burning cigarette, in such a close proximity…

mesmerized by the flicker in the obscure darkness…

masked in the heavy blue fog of ¬†nicotine …swallow the bait…let your jaw drop and receive the deadly dose from the Goddess, the nectar of the spit and ashes from her mouth.”

You do not have to have a smoking fetish to enjoy this file. All you need is the willingness to submit to the superior hypnotic Goddess and to offer yourself for service as an obedient slave. The mp3 is very abstract, in a poetic way. There is no defined structure, or a story. You are suspended in time, in a space, and let yourself float a feeling…of utter submission.

Make sure to wear headphones when you listen to the mp3 for the best effect.

MP3 Length: 22:19

File Size: 21.4 MB


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