Full body control and sensory hypnotic play erotic hypnosis session.


Product Description

This is another intense femdom hypnosis sensory play session.

Numb is another version of Medusa mp3.

Your body is under my complete control.  You do not own it, it does not belong to you. It is given up to my hypnotic words for the duration of this recording. All you have to do is to let go completely. Allow yourself to become deeply hypnotized and follow the path to your complete submission and obedience.

In the highly suggestible state of trance you accept my commands without a question or a doubt.  Your senses are your reality…Whatever you feel is what feels real to you. As you recognize your new reality it becomes very easy to manage this new state. Notice the slower pace of your breath, down with the earthly beats that you hear in the background. It may make you feel completely relaxed and compliant.

You may feel like that no matter what you do, your whole body has become numb, unable to move, bound by the words of the hypnotic Mistress. You may experience light temperature changes in your body.  The frequency of your breathing may change.  Swallowed in the depth of femdom hypnosis, even the heart beat works on the cue of the Goddess.

Every single cell is responsive to my words. You finally have reached the very bottom of your submissive state. Your whole existence is full of  unquestionable love, trust and adoration. You may feel good about making the right decision to relinquish all the conscious control of your mind and body. You know this  because that’s what allowed you to have this mind-altering experience.

This file uses minimal effect on the voice, concentrating more on the down to earth tribal beat.

There is no induction sequence included in this session, so make sure to purchase one from the list below:


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Mp3 Length: 18:12


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